Happyganics – My Current Favourite Laundry Detergent

Our favourite natural laundry detergent powder – Happyganics
🌿 Ultra concentrated powder, Non-toxic, Anti-bacterial and Hypoallergenic 🌿


I have been very careful when it comes to selecting laundry detergent because Valeris has very sensitive skin. I want to make sure it does not irritate her skin.

I did some online research and found Happyganics. It stated that it is all natural and bio-degradable. No nasty stuff and is suitable for adult laundry too. πŸ’‘ I just had to try it!

Happyganics was founded 2015 in Singapore, by parents passionate in natural products that are safe for children. Their mission is to provide safe, reliable and natural products that bring happiness to everyone in the world. Their products are designed in Singapore and made in USA using pure plant-based ingredients. They do not contain any harmful chemicals and are safe for babies and the whole family. Can it get any better?

Happyganics laundry detergent powder comes in 2 options for scent – Natural unscented and Lavender. It is also available in 2 packaging sizes – 900g or 1.5kg. As stated in their website and on their packaging, 900g is approximately for 60 loads and 1.5kg is approximately for 100 loads.

1.5kg Natural Unscented
1.5kg Lavender

For me, I always go for 1.5kg, natural unscented. I wash my laundry at least 4 to 6 times a week and 1 tin of 1.5kg laundry detergent powder lasts me about 3 months. I do use them for all my laundry (including adult clothes)!

This is my 2nd purchase and I’ll be making my 3rd one very soon. πŸ˜„

They have many other amazing products like Shampoo, Conditioner, Bottle Cleaner etc.
Be sure to check them out on their Webstore or follow them on Instagram and Facebook!


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