We are so happy to join the Tin & Ella team! Below is a short intro on the owner Nicki Laurenti and her amazing Tutu shop on Etsy!

Nicki is the owner, designer and creator of Tin & Ella. She started off by making tutus for her daughters. As the girls got older, she could not find tutus that were long and full enough to cover those booties. That is how making this new style of longer toddler tutus came about. She loves making newborn, short, and fluffy tutus as well. They are so beautiful and such a great photo prop, but when the girls get older they need a tutu they can play in at the park if they want to. 

Tin & Ella has three signature styles – Short, Floor-length, and Monroe. You can also choose to have the standard tutu or the fabric tutu. Fabric tutu comes with a few options – Lace, Plaid and Leather. They also offer Mommy and Me twinning sets!

The one that you see here on Valeris is a short solid tutu in black. It is really fluffy and skin-friendly. I was a bit worried initially because Valeris’ skin is a little sensitive and I was afraid that the material of the tutu will cause irritation. Thank goodness! Mummy does not have to worry because it’s Tin & Ella‘s tutus~ *hearts

If you have something in mind, drop Nicki a message! I promise she is really a nice lady to discuss your customization. =D

Scroll down for the full outfit details.

One of my favorite shot. Love that smile~
Cool Rocker!


Going Up?

Valeris’ OOTD
Stripe Angel Wing Onesie Short Sleeve from Penny & Co (Size 2T)
Short Solid Tutu Black from Tin & Ella (Size 2T)
Pink Guitar Bag from H&M

Thanks for reading! Keep checking back!